• SKU: 2167
Length: 50 foot
Winch Size: 3/16 inch 1/4 inch
Color: Voodoo Blue Hot Pink

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Monster Winch Line

 Our Winch Lines are made of high quality Plasma 12 strand rope, bringing you an option that is up to 85% lighter and 40% stronger than an equivalent steel winch line and is paired with our stainless steel thimble.  These quality components allow us to offer a guarantee on our ropes that is unequaled in the industry

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Thimble

UV Coating for Long Lasting Protection

Made In the USA

1 Year Warranty IF:

Must use proper Synthetic fairlead
No shock loading
No use through sharp or rough edges
Clean rope with soap and water after every mud ride
Do not exceed the MTS

Size: Unique
Colors Red, Blue
Material 100% Leather
  • Monster Rigging Rope