Rhino Whips are handcrafted in North Carolina and are built to a quality standard unreachable by many. Rarly during this building process things sometimes happen that sneak through our quality control process and we are here for you in those cases. If you need anything follow the steps below.

Mailing Address:
330 Seagle Street Suite 18
Huntersville, NC 28078

Repair Process



Return Form


Fill Form Out

Fill out the form with your order number or dealer you bought from.


Ship Package

Include our form in the box and ship your package back to us with a trackable parcel.



Sit back, grab a beer and wait for your package to be shipped back.

The customer is responsible for shipping charges back to Rhino Lights LLC. Please use a proper packaging for all products being shipped to us. The customer is responsible for loss or damage that may occur in transit.
Include all parts and / or components for us to repair your whip otherwise charges may incur for replacing missing components. If you snap or break your whip we can repair it but the whips will be slightly shorter. If you want your whips to match send both whips in.

Other Information

Local Customers:
We accept local drop off for warranty claims but products must be picked up within 7 days of being complete and/or pay for return shipping because Rhino Lights is not responsible for products after 7 days.

Warranty Exclusions:
Our Rhino warranty is non transferable and can expire due to component shortages outside our control, We make every effort to repair, fix, and warranty our products but things happen that may cause a product to be unservicable. Lifetime does not imply forever. Original receipt holder. While we will work with every customer install neglect is not covered under lifetime warranty. We will offer discount to cover damanged parts during install.

Disconnected Products ( 3rd party manufactured items ):
Disconnected products are not covered under lifetime warranty, if a claim is needed or required rhino credits you a percent of the purchase price termed out over 12 months from purchase date based on when you ordered ( minus shipping fees ) with receipt and credits you to upgrade to our in house built items. Rhino is not responsible for abuse, damage, wear and tear on these older products. The credit is for one item and non transferable. No cash value. If you credit is more then what you bought there is no cash refund.

Clearance Items:
These are closeout items that are no longer serviceable. We ship them in working condition and have very limited stock which is why they are on discount. All sales are final on clearance and discounted / sale items.

Warranty subject to change so check back for latest updates. Any questions reach out to rhino lights.