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  • SKU: 2016
Size: 13.5 inch 18.5 inch 25 inch 30 inch 50 inch

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Rhino Lights Stealth Cree Single Row LED Light Bar The same rugged sturdiness you expect from Rhino but in a more streamlined, aerodynamic package… that’s our Stealth Single Row Series. Choose from four versatile products ranging in size from 13.5" up to our 50" model.

The 13.5" Stealth 6d Single Row CREE LED Light Bar offers:

  • increased air flow when compared to normal single row light bar options
  • super sleek and hidden appearance, thanks to its 1” height
  • an ultra-thin profile that reduces wind noise vs. standard single row versions

Like all of our lights, the 13.5" Stealth 6d Single Row CREE LED Light Bar goes through a rigorous quality control process including an 8-hour burn-in and a water submersion torture test to ensure its quality and longevity. All Rhino Lights are a minimum of IP68, which means they're 100% waterproof and dust-tight to protect against submersion in up to 13 feet of water. Many Rhino Lights are classified as IP69k so they're battle-tested against the prolonged effects of immersion under pressure.

Plus our 13.5" Stealth 6d Single Row CREE LED Light Bar is covered by a limited lifetime warranty delivering 100% assurance along with the peace of mind that comes from investing in a product you can trust.

Size: Unique
Colors Red, Blue
Material 100% Leather
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