We Are Builders. Lighting. Riders.


Rhino's Exclusive Technology

We have worked endless nights creating state of the art technology to allow our customers to #LIGHTWITHOUTLIMITS.

Rhino bundle is everything you need to create an elite lighting package.

The highest rated and quality lighting system on the market.

Rhino Exclusives

Innovation, The Pudding is in the Numbers:

0 LEDs Used
0 Components Used
0 PCB Boards Created

The Rhino Experience

Customer Support

Top Notch Customer Support and Documentation.

Fast Shipping

Since we build everything, we can ship fast!

Install Videos

Install Videos of our whips, rocklights and halos.

Amazing technology

We developed our own supporting technology to power our eco systems.

Quality Control

We have layers of quality control to eleminate issues before they happen.

USA Based

We are located in Huntersville, NC where we build, support and test our products.