Connex Pro - Rhino Whips Turn Signal, Braking and Reversing Addon Board

This product will be shipped on 11/30/2021

Rhino Lights Introduces our Rhino Connex Pro Board is an upgraded more evolved addon system for our Rhino Eco System!! After we developed an industry first Turn signal, Braking and reverse functionality addon board for our whips we collected feedback and developed a Pro Version.  Introducing the first addon board that allows you the most flexibility of any system on the market to date.

 This board has 5 output channels:  

  • Left / Right Full feature channel with Turn signal, braking and reversing functionality. 
  • Left / Right Turn signal only that only reacts when the turn signal is activated.
  • Pass through channel that is not effected by any triggers and just displays the patterns / colors from the controller

These channels allow you to have full control over you system, to tie in what products you want to what ever channel you want. Want your side mirrors and halos to have turn signal functionality? Done. Want to tie in your front left and right rock lights into the turn signal functionality channel, you can, Want your rear rock lights to activate on turn signal, braking and reverse? You can!


  • Patriot Mode
  • Strobe Mode
  • External and Internal Blinking Capability

With this board the possible are limitless! This is only some of the features coming to this board.

Wiring Diagram (rl_Connex_Board_apps.png, 58 Kb) [Download]