Work in Progress! We are actively trying to update this timeline.

May 2024

Connex Pro Bluetooth V4

We updated the bluetooth hardware to fix issues we were having with our last version. We have wireframed out more APP layouts to help clean up the UI.

February 2024

RGBW Prototype V2

We ran into serveral issues with the first prototype that we spent a bunch of time debugging and fixing. We finally tracked down the causes and started to designa nother PCB board to address those issues.

January 2024

RGBW Prototype V1

We took a stab at our first RGBW rock light. We had high hopes with powering 6 massive RGBW Cree leds in one housing.

November 2023

Bluetooth Connex Rev 4

We made more connex board upgrades to our bluetooth prototypes. We are addressing issues that came up in testing to ensure we deliver the best product we can.

October 2023

Pod Light Ugrades!

The first feedback was make the pods shoot further distance. We tested and tested until we found the perfect upgrade of our lense that is clearing over 400 feet.

July 2023

Duo Ring Light Prototype

Pushing liimits with a ring light diamond duo series. This light can act like a normal diamond duo but also have enabled strobe modes using a SHO-ME module.

June 2023

Connex Lite Released

We released our connex lite version. This brings internal and external blinking to our whips only. A Cheaper option for customers.

April 2023

Duo Pod Light Board Rev 3

Going even bigger with a 7x7mm Cree LED as the center light, as it can always be brighter with the amount of aluminum we have for a housing. Improved pod light design with linking capability to create a light bar.

March 2023

Duo Pod Light Board Rev 2

Trying to upgrade the pod light board to make them even brighter and reduce componeent usage.

February 2023

Bluetooth Connex Development

We are in engineering of our upgraded bluetooth module connex board. This will allow us to start working on our own app and firmware to controller led lights.

January 2023

Duo Pod Light Board

We are developing our first pod light prototype board. We want a bright white with a secondary color channel inside a small pod light housing.

January 2023

Tri-Board Development

We are in prototype development of our tri-board which is our rgb ecosystem on pod lights to start with a high powered cree led and 3 secondary channel cree leds.

October 2022

Successful Connex Pro Build

Fixed the major issues with the connex pro board, component switch issues were solved. Further testing to check different configurations of builds before final release.

July 2022

UV Rock Light Lens Clarity

We learned that the lens with the glue we used put off vapor in the housing which caused the lens to appear cloudy. It did not effect performance but looked bad. We pushed heavy this month to find a solution and we did!

June 2022

Booster V5

We are making our RGB Boosters stronger and better. More efficient then ever before.

May 2022

Connex Pro Rev7

We were able to get a new prototype update REV. 7 dispite all the challenges we are facing with components.

December 2021


We live by the saying “Once you stop learning, you start dying” - Albert Einstein. We have learned so much and continue to learn and grow with challenges. The world in 2020 and 2021 and bleeding into 2022 were rough, the long term effects will haunt us for years to come. We have no choice but to keep moving forward. We value the feedback from customers to see how and where we can improve. Without our customer feedback, we will not succeed.

August 2021


Since the beginning of this journey, the end goal was and is to have a whole eco-system of lights that could not only dance to the music but work for the customer. Off-roading has exploded in popularity over the last decade including legalizing SxS for street riding, but as with other government mandates they make the rules.

We wanted to give the customer a chance to legalize his ride in style. This is beyond your old fashioned turn signal system, we set out to create something that does not exist. We are pushing the limits of this technology farther than they have ever been pushed before. This has come with challenges, triumphs, and changes; we are working to exceed our customers' expectations as well as our own.

June 2021


After months of searching for the right space to make this dream a reality, Josh was able to secure a great location that included everything he needed. The space was quickly filled with components, machinery, and a flash of what the future held.

January 2021


Not everyone wants to run lights that are dancing to the music, so we wanted something a little more subtle for those folks who want a great accent to their machine, truck, car, motorcycle, etc. We initially looked at our competitors who were doing single color rock lights, but two is always better than one. This idea sent us down a path to create our Diamond Duo series that allows a customer to run white PLUS an accent color.

December 2020


After introducing the RGB rock lights, we realized that if someone wanted to power 8 or more rock lights, whips, halos, mirrors...what did it need? In the words of Tim the Toolman Taylor "MORE POWER!" We would not accept limiting our customers' dreams of being seen from outer space. With additional development into boosting boards and components, we developed our Rhino Boost™ technology. So powerful it must be handled with care.

November 2020

No Looking Back

After working on this passion in his garage on nights, weekends, and any other time he could handle, Josh made the leap into a full-time business. There is no looking back; only forward to more products, innovation, and passion.

Rock Lights Rev 1

We finished our first version of our RGB Rock Lights and the result was better than what we even imagined. An awesome display of lighting and some sick syncing with our Whips. It was a party just watching them bounce with the music.

Spring Development

With Rhino whips being the thickest and heaviest whips, that comes with a large ask for your springs. Nothing on the market was able to withstand the weight of our whips, so we began developing our own springs to support the weight our whips demand and deserve.

August 2020


Learning quickly branding is everything, we worked feverishly to get our name out into the market. We introduced additional product branding into the Whips to ensure people who saw our product would know the brand.

june 2020

RGB Rock Light Development

We knew that customers wanted a syncing lighting system so we started our development on our Addressable RGB Rock Lights.

Improved Heat Shrink

We quickly improved the quaility of components we used by upgrading our clear heatshrink to a state of the art uv resistant product.

May 2020

Locking Key Base 2.0

After quick feedback from customers we improved upon our design and added a keyed locking system. We also adjusted the size to keep the base as compact as possible.

April 2020

Rhino Whips 2.0

After many designs and iterations of a quick disconnect system Rhino Lights introduced Rhino Whips 2.0 introduced the built-in quick disconnect mounting system.

January 2019

LED Strip Manufacturing

We did our first large scale led strip manufacturing run using custom engineered components as well as a special high quality UV blend clear to protect from the elements.

Hired an Engineer

Josh quickly learned to be different he had to do what others won't. So he hired an engineer to work with to develop his own products.

December 2019


Josh built his first prototype whip light in his garage using off the shelf parts.