Warranty Info

Rhino 2.0 Whip Warranty:

Whips: Our lifetime warranty covers manufacture defects on our Rhino 1.0 and 2.0 Whips we build in house with running our APPROVED springs there are engineered to handle the weight and length of our whips. If its a manufacture defect we will fix / replace it at no charge ( just pay shipping back to us). If we determine an accidentally break of your whip while running our approved springs with proof of purchase we will replace your whip once every 365 days. If your whip becomes damage or broken without running springs we can fix them for a fee. Download our Return Form, print it out and include it in the box when you ship your whips back to get repaired. We do not cover wear and tear items but can repair / refresh your whip for a small fee.

We HIGHLY recommend running our springs as they are designed for our whips. Those who run our springs have a 99.9% chance of NEVER having a broken whip unless its a bad wreck or you run into something with them facing the wrong way.

Diamond Series Rock Lights: If your rock lights go out within 7 years of service we replace it no questions asked. Download our return form to send back your rock light and we will replace it for free. Just ship the bad one back.

Rhino 2.0 Whip Warranty Long Answer:

Rhino 2.0 whips with our black springs we engineered have a very LOW failure rate, The worst enemy for whips are hitting cages repeatedly. Even though its possible but rare damage can happen from hitting low objects, terrain obstacles ( trees, branches, limbs, bridges, roofs), and / or from rollovers and are not a manufacture defect BUT most likely repairable! We are more then happy to help! Rhino Lights LLC does reserve the right to deny warranty work due to operator negligence. If you keep breaking, damaging or using them in a manner to promote damage over and over. Here is how to reach out to our support / warranty team at 833-744-6663 ext: 2. 

Local Customers:

DUE to covid-19 all claims need to be Shipped... We accept local drop off for warranty claims or custom projects but products must be picked up within 7 days of being complete and/or pay for return shipping because Rhino Lights is not responsible for products after 7 days.

Warranty Details:

At Rhino LED Lights we stand behind our products with a lifetime warranty. Lifetime as implied covers the expected lifetime of the LED lights and our workmanship. The average lifetime for the LED's on our products is 50,000 hours or 7 years of full service. Lifetime does not imply forever. Warranty is non transferable. Original receipt holder.


The customer is responsible for returning the product without further damage. Please use a proper packaging for all products being returned and it is recommended for the customer to insure the package at the shipping agency for possible loss or damage that may occur in transit.  

Warranty Exclusions:
Altering the item voids the manufacturer defect warranty. (Altering includes, but is not limited to, cutting wires on the controller, cutting the whips to be shorter, rewiring original wiring setup, mounting with inadequate mounts, changing the pin configuration, or running an over-sized flag etc.) Any signs of gouges, stress marks or impact scratches on the led tubes will void its manufacturer defect warranty. Submerging your whip voids its' manufacturer defect warranty.  Our whips are water resistant and perform above average in a rugged environment, but for those that prefer to full send, complete submersion in lakes, ponds, rivers, swamps, or anything else voids the manufacturer defect warranty. Improper installation or running an over-sized flag will also void its' warranty. Customizing and/or reprogramming voids the warranty. Wiring the product directly to a battery without a fuse to guard against a power surge or accidental grounding voids the warranty. Running the Rhino Whips in harsh terrain without the assistance of springs voids the warranty. Catastrophic damage to your machine such as a roll over, fire or total loss of your machine will void the warranty. Ripping the whip off the machine in order to defend yourself against attacking Zombies or wild animals voids the manufacturer's warranty but makes for a great story. Beating the whip against another object that is harder than the whip voids the warranty. Our Rhino warranty is non transferable and can expire due to component shortage, 3rd party manufacturing being discontinued outside of our control on certain products. We will make our best efforts but sometimes its out of our control.

Disconnected Products ( 3rd party manufactured items ):
Disconnected products are not covered under lifetime warranty, if a claim is needed or required rhino credits you a percent of the purchase price termed out over 12 months from purchase date based on when you ordered ( minus shipping fees ) with receipt and credits you to upgrade to our in house built items. Rhino is not responsible for abuse, damage, wear and tear on these older products. The credit is for one item and non transferable. No cash value. If you credit is more then what you bought there is no cash refund.

Clearance Items:
These are closeout items that are no longer serviceable. We ship them in working condition and have very limited stock which is why they are on discount. All sales are final on clearance and discounted / sale items.

Warranty subject to change so check back for latest updates. Any questions reach out to rhino lights.