Lifetime Warranty

Rhino LED Lights does not recommend the use of lighted whips without a spring to help absorb shock. While some whips perform well and look great without the use of a spring mount we strongly recommend the use of an approved spring mount that is engineered to guard against the lateral forces your machine and the terrain puts the whip through. In some cases the use of a whip without the spring WILL void the manufacturer's warranty.

At Rhino LED Lights we stand behind our products with a lifetime warranty. Lifetime as implied covers the expected lifetime of the LED lights and our workmanship. The average lifetime for the LED's on our products is 50,000 hours or 7 years of full service as calculated by the engineers and designers of our product. Lifetime does not imply forever. However we love happy customers. If you're not satisfied, you may exchange or return unused/uninstalled merchandise purchased by submitting a return or warranty request thru, once we review the request we will email you back with the terms of the warranty or refund within 7 days. If a refund is requested and approved by our Rhino team, a refund will be processed back to the original payment method used to purchase the products. ( PayPal, Visa, Mastercard,Etc...) less the original shipping charges and 15% restocking fees, within 7 days, as long as it's within 30 days of the original purchase date. After 30 days it is up to the discretion of the Rhino Team to determine if a refund, credit or replacement will be made.  The Customer is responsible for providing Proof Of Purchase. (Proof of purchase includes: Original receipt, gift receipt or a packing slip from a Rhino LED Lights or an Authorized Retailer), You may exchange a Rhino LED product for credit (only valid on and at the discretion of the Rhino LED Team. You are responsible for the shipping charges.

The customer is responsible for returning the product without further damage. Please use proper packaging for all products being returned and it is recommended for the customer to insure the package at the shipping agency for possible loss or damage that may occur in transit. 

Warranty for exchanged or repaired product starts the day of the original product purchased, not from the date the customer receives the repaired or replaced item. For example: If we repair an item 3 years after it's purchase you will have a warranty balance of 4 years in which to place a claim for any further repairs or exchanges on that product. No refunds will be processed on repaired or exchanged items. Credit towards purchase will be considered on a case by case basis and will be determined by a member of the Rhino LED Lights team.
If you made the purchase through one of our Authorized Dealers, then please refer to that dealer's return policy. If you are unable to return the product or are unsatisfied with the terms please feel free to reach out to the Rhino Team but you must first try to resolve the issue through the original point of purchase. Rhino LED Lights can only process a refund to the Authorized Dealer for purchases made by a customer at the Authorized dealers place of business. 

Tier 1 Lifetime warranty includes the following products and are warranted against manufacturer defects only for 7 years or the implied lifetime of the LED product (See Warranty exclusions below) :

  • Rhino Whips 2.0
  • Blackout Series Light Bars
  • 3 inch 40w Osram LED Pod Work Light - Flood, Scene, Spot or Diffused 

Tier 2 Lifetime/ Limited Lifetime include the following products and are warranted against manufacturer defects for one year with exchange and depreciated credit for the next 6 years of the implied lifetime of the LED product. (See Warranty exclusions below):

  • Classic Series Light Bars
  • Reversing Whips
  • Rock Lights
  • Halos

Warranty Exclusions:
Altering the item voids the manufacturer defect warranty. (Altering includes, but is not limited to, cutting wires on the controller, cutting the whips to be shorter, rewiring original wiring setup, mounting with inadequate mounts, changing the pin configuration, or running an over-sized flag etc.) Any signs of gouges, stress marks or impact scratches on the led tubes will void its manufacturer defect warranty. Submerging your whip voids its' manufacturer defect warranty.  Our whips are water resistant and perform above average in a rugged environment, but for those that prefer to full send, complete submersion in lakes, ponds, rivers, swamps, or anything else voids the manufacturer defect warranty. Improper installation or running an over-sized flag will also void its' warranty. Customizing and/or reprogramming voids the warranty. Wiring the product directly to a battery without a fuse to guard against a power surge or accidental grounding voids the warranty. Running the Rhino Whips in harsh terrain without the assistance of springs voids the warranty. Catastrophic damage to your machine such as a roll over, fire or total loss of your machine will void the warranty. Ripping the whip off the machine in order to defend yourself against attacking Zombies or wild animals voids the manufacturer's warranty but makes for a great story. Beating the whip against another object that is harder than the whip voids the warranty. Our Rhino warranty is non transferable.

Sometimes things happen when you least expect it. Whether the reason is obvious or not our team is here to help get your Rhino Product back in action with you as quickly as possible. 

Before you return the product for warranty issues:
Take plenty of pictures of the product before it is removed from the place it was installed. We need to see why it failed and pictures from different angles helps us figure out what happened. Take pictures of mounting, connections and of the failure. Whether it's a broken whip or a crushed LED light, we need to see what you see. It usually takes a couple of days to process the information so please allow up to 7 days for our team to assess the issue and get back to you. 

Our products are built Rhino Tough and we really hope that you get as much enjoyment out of them as we do. And while we hate to be stuffy about it there are limitations to our product. We have tested them in some extreme conditions and will continue to improve upon our designs with the feedback of customers such as yourself. If you love them or hate them please feel free to let us know why. Your input is how we improve.