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We are changing the game of lighting again. Linkable pod lights packing a punch of roughly 6500 - 10,500 lumens of raw output ( depending on reflector ) per pod. Customize your pod by selecting the reflector and color combo of your choice.

Color: Red/White HOT Blue/White Green/White Amber/White
Reflector: Spot Flood HOT

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We are changing the game in what lighting needs to be. These full CNC billet aluminum pod lights pack a mean punch ranging in lumen output from roughly 10,500 lumens of raw output per pod. That is real lumen output to the wall measurements. Each pod light pulls roughly 2.1-3.5 amps @ 14 volts. They are 2.6inches wide that you can bolt together with our linking bracket to create your own light bar. Choose your color combo as well as your reflector.

Lumen Output Meter 1 Lux = 1 Lumen

Size: Unique
Colors Red, Blue
Material 100% Leather
  • 1 Pod
  • Standard U Bracket with bolt
  • 3-pin raw wire