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Beam: Diffused HOT Flood Scene Spot

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Rhino Lights LLC - CREE LED Pod LightsThese amazing 3" pod lights use high-powered Osram LED to provide an extremely versatile light with many applications over its 50,000-hour life span. Choose between flood, spot or diffused lighting patterns to tackle whatever you throw their way. They deliver big lighting power in a small package, along with the confidence of knowing your lights will bring that superior performance whenever you need them.

Wire two Pod Lights together with our 2-piece connect cable or up to four Pod Lights with our 4-piece connect cable.

(Sold Individually)

 Use the 40w OSRAM LED Pod Work Light as:

  • Fog light replacements
  • Low-pillar ditch lights on virtually any off-road vehicle
  • Front bumper lights
  • Many additional auxiliary lighting options

Like all of our lights, the 40w OSRAM LED Pod Work Light goes through a rigorous quality control process including an 8-hour burn-in and a water submersion torture test to ensure its quality and longevity. All Rhino Lights are a minimum of IP68, which means they're 100% waterproof and dust-tight to protect against submersion in up to 13 feet of water. Many Rhino Lights are classified as IP69k so they're battle-tested against the prolonged effects of immersion under pressure.

Plus our 40w OSRAM LED Pod Work Light is covered by a limited lifetime warranty delivering 100% assurance along with the peace of mind that comes from investing in a product you can trust.

Size: Unique
Colors Red, Blue
Material 100% Leather
  • 1 Light Unit
  • Complete Wiring Harness with fuse, relay, & switch
  • Mounting brackets
  • Mounting Hardware and Mounting Nuts