Rhino 8 Gang Switch Panel - Bluetooth Ability


Rhino Lights introduces our most innovative switch panel to date! Use your phone to turn on and off the switches and control the RGB functions of the panel.

* Input Voltage : 12-24V; DC Voltage : 30A; Rated voltage:12V 20A / 24V 10A; Operating temperature: -25-80; Waterproof rating:IP65.

* The switch panel can control 8 kinds of lights at the same time under 12 Volts and a max power rating of 600 Watts. 

Total power will go to 600w at 12V and the maximum current is 60A. 

The maximum output current of ground 1 & 2 is 30A

The maximum output current of ground 3-8 is 20A.

  • Switch Panel w/ Bracket
  • Power Cable
  • Core Module
  • Screws