Rhino 2.0 Whips:

Get the best UTV whips and rock lights on the market together —  with Rhino Lights Bundle Pack.

Rhino Lights are known for over engineering their whips and rock lights, Not only do we build everything in house we also engineer our own stuff. We build such a strong and heavy whip light we had to develop our own springs to support the weight of them. Crazy Right?We follow that up with a LIFETIME warranty which makes our products unstoppable.

In this bundle pack we are pairing whips and rock lights together to make an prebuilt awesome kit. This is our most popular kit we sell. Choose your controller and go! This is our top of the line whips on the market with our custom built anodized quick disconnect anti-clogging system that is included with every Rhino Whip. Our whips use an American made fiberglass rods with 360 degrees of wrapped in house engineered Rhino led strips!

What are the differences with our Controllers?

  • Our Bluetooth controller has virtual unlimited solid colors with 200 patterns including auto cycle mode. Saves your selection for the next time when you turn on the controller on.
  • Our Music Bluetooth controller has a color slider, 180 patterns including auto cycle mode. Also features 36 MUSIC and DIY patterns that let you customize your colors that will react based on the music/sound it hears. Saves your selection for the next time when you turn on the controller on.

What You Get In The Party Pack:

  • The Bluetooth control of your choice
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Pair of Rhino Whips in the size of your choice with springs
  • 8pc Diamond Series RGB Rock Light
  • Instructions via QR Code
  • Access to award winning support via phone or chat

What springs will i get?

  • 2 - 4 foot whips: In House Built BLACK Ultra Stiff Springs
Size: Unique
Colors Red, Blue
Material 100% Leather
  • Whips - Pair of Whips
  • Controller - Either the bluetooth or music bluetooth controller
  • Halos - Your selection of halo
  • Rock Lights - Amount Kit you want