Diamond Duo Rock Lights

  • Diamond Duo Rock Lights have 2 channels of light, each channel should be connected to a different 12V power source so each channel can be triggered independently.
  • For optimal performance and easier install consider using our Universal Rock Light Brackets. You can easily bend the brackets to aim the rock lights for optimal spread.
  • You do NOT want to tuck the rock lights too far within the fender well as it will potentially limit the spread of the lights.
  • Mount your Rhino products on your vehicle and run the wire back to your 12V power source. Make sure not to run wire where it could be susceptible to pinching or catching something while driving. Secure wire in intervals to ensure wires do not hang down or become loose. Use wire looms for sections of wire around exhaust or engine (hot) areas

Diamond Duos - with wiring harness

  • Purchase of the Duo Wiring Harness allows for easier wiring. Comes with pre-wired leads for your 12V power source and connections for a switch
  • Due to power draw of Duos Rock Lights, each connection from wiring harness should NOT exceed 10 Rock Lights
  • See Wiring diagram below to how to hook up the switch with the wiring harness

Diamond Duos - without wiring harness

  • If you did not purchase a wiring harness, your Duo Rock Lights will come with a 5ft male connector on one end and raw 22 gauge leads (red, yellow, black) on the other end. See wiring diagram below on how to connect to 12V power source.
  • Rhino Lights recommends running each channel (red and yellow wire) independently, both channels can be engaged at the same time if desired
Connex Pro Diagram